Haitian health authorities ask the population not to buy nor sell baby milk "CELIA" due to possible Salmonella contamination

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The Ministries of Trade and Industry (MCI), Public Health and Population (MSPP) inform the Haitian population, in a joint press note, that French authorities have suspended the sale of baby milk "CELIA Produced by the Lactalis Nutrition santé group (LNS group), due to contamination with Salmonella Agona. The note bears the signature of the holder of the MCI, Pierre Marie Du Meny and that of the MSPP, Marie Greta Roy Clément.

In order to protect the health of the Haitian population to health food standards, the MCI and the MSPP ask the population not to consume baby milk "Celia". Since this milk is imported and sold in Haiti, the two ministries that co-sign this note ask the population not to buy or use it.

Arrangements are made for the withdrawal of the product on the Haitian market. No merchant is allowed to distribute or sell it to avoid health problems and not fall under the law, reads in this note. The strict application of this measure is hoped for by the ministries.

The CELIA infant formula brand recall concerns about 83 countries and more than 12 million boxes that needs to be removed from sale, according to the CEO of Lactalis, Emmanuel Besnier.

The CEO of Lactalis has promised to compensate "all families who have suffered damage" due to salmonella contamination of products of the French milk giant.

All in all, the consumption of this product could lead to many victims if drastic measures are not taken to counter the wholesalers to sell it in another form.

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