Haitian Government will repatriate the body of singer Manno Charlemagne from Miami, to fulfill his wish of being buried in Haiti

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The Ministry of Culture prepares a bouquet of tributes to Manno (Emmanuel) Charlemagne, engaged artist and former mayor of Port-au-Prince, who died in Miami this weekend. The information was revealed to the newspaper by the director of this ministry, Jean Michel Lapin, contacted by telephone in the early evening of Tuesday. According to him, the ministry and the artist's family had talks and agreed on an agenda. Thus, according to Jean Michel Lapin, there will be, in Miami this Friday, December 16th, a funeral service to which will take part the children, the parents and the fans of Manno Charlemagne.

This ceremony will take place at Pax Villa funeral room. Then, he says, the body of the singer will be repatriated Saturday morning in Port-au-Prince. "The remains will be received by the funeral parlor Albert Chancy," he said.

Jean Michel Lapin stressed that the artist will be entitled to a new salvo of tributes, this time in Port-au-Prince, in his stronghold. "On Tuesday, December 19th, a big evening tribute will be organized in his honor at the Champ de Mars, on the kiosk Occide Jeanty. The Haitian State, through the Ministry of Culture, offers on this occasion a podium to all artists, friends and relatives who want to pay a tribute to Manno Charlemagne. There will be all his musical trends in this evening which will begin at 6:00 pm, " he said.

Jean Michel Lapin said in fine that the funeral of the committed singer would be sung Friday, December 22 at the kiosk Occide Jeanty. "The ceremony will be held from 6am to 12pm. At the request of the family, the body of the deceased will be cremated," he explains. In the process, Mr. Rabbit explained that the decision to organize an official or national funeral in honor of Manno Charlemagne did not belong to the Ministry of Culture. "I had asked the Minister Limond Toussaint to initiate steps with government officials in this direction. The Haitian State is responsible for paying the costs of repatriation of the body, the evening of tribute and the funeral ceremony of December 22, according to Mr. Rabbit. On the other hand, he says, the family takes care of the ceremony that will take place this Friday in Miami.

Manno Charlemagne wanted to die in Haiti

In addition, Jean Michel Lapin revealed that the ministry he leads had initiated steps to allow Manno Charlemagne, who was fighting against lung cancer, to return to Haiti before his death. "We were about to pay him an ambulance plane so that he could return to Haiti as he had wished. But the chief doctor of his hospital had not allowed him to leave because his state of health was not stable. He was in danger of dying in flight. The doctor decided to observe Manno throughout the weekend and make a decision on Monday, " he says. Haiti could not live the last moments of her terrible child but keeps, however, his poetic verve, his commitment and his rage for eternity.

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