Haitian Government held working session with UN delegation of Economic and Social Council

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On Tuesday, May 9, 2017, the President of the Republic, Jovenel Moïse, received the delegation of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) at the National Palace, whose mission in Haiti is , After extensive consultations with the Haitian authorities, the private business sector and donors, to make recommendations on the long-term economic development of the country.

During the visit, a work meeting was held at the National Palace, in the presence of, among others, the Prime Minister, Dr Jack Guy Lafontant, various Ministers of Government, and the Representative of the Secretary-General Of the United Nations in Haiti, Ms. Sandra Honoré; Then a joint press briefing between the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Hervé Denis, and the Chairman of the Ad Hoc Advisory Group on Haiti, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Canada, Mr. Marc André Blanchard, also Head of the Delegation.

"The ECOSOC visit to Haiti demonstrates an enthusiastic commitment by the international community to the development of Haiti," said Mr. Blanchard, who emphasized the quality of the discussions held with the President Moïse , as well as the hope inspired by the new Moses / Lafontant administration. While welcoming the Head of State's agenda, which he says is aligned with that of the UN in agricultural development, the vitality of democratic institutions, advocacy for the environment and education, the Head of the Delegation of ECOSOC affirmed the Group's will to contribute to the economic and social reconstruction of Haiti.

The Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC), which is composed of several members from different countries, has a mandate to advocate with the international community to encourage development assistance for the sustainable development of Haiti. The institution will ensure that this aid is sufficient, coherent and well used.

"Its goal is to go and get money from donors for the full success of the Government's programs," said Minister of Foreign Affairs Hervé Denis, who took advantage of the opportunity to pay tribute to the Group's visit to Haiti.

"The Advisory Group can help develop a renewed partnership framework that will enable Haiti to catch up with its delays, substantially increase domestic production, develop essential public infrastructure, increase its attractiveness Of foreign investment and to offer the Haitian population new prospects of improving its living conditions by 2030, "continued Mr. Denis.

"Caravan of Change" Haitian President's latest push to revive dormant agricultural sector

Expectations of the Government of Haiti include: ECOSOC's support for the Caravan of Change, launched symbolically on 1 May 2017; the support of the institution for projects to revive agriculture and rehabilitate the environment; The support of the United Nations system within the framework of the organization of sectoral States-General, which will result in the national roadmap for the implementation of the reforms deemed essential; Support to increase and improve the effectiveness of official development assistance; The increased substantial support of the international community within the framework of the priorities and programs defined by the Haitian Government in the light of the Sustainable Development Objectives.

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