Haitian fashion designer, Murielle Leconte, showcases Haiti's textile during intercultural week in Mexico

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Within the framework of the activities of the intercultural week "I AM THE CARIBBEAN", the textile exhibition of the Haitian fashion designer, Muriele Leconte, was inaugurated, which will be available until Sunday, April 15, in the first courtyard of the Municipal Palace.

Throughout the exhibition, you can admire the exposed clothing such as blouses, dresses and scarves, which have unique designs from this country.

During this cultural exchange, the Director General of Cultures, Carlos Spíndola Pérez Guerrero, said that with this exhibition you can know part of the Caribbean culture, through textiles and thereby contribute to strengthening the bonds of brotherhood between both countries

"This is a very special occasion for us, because we are inaugurating this exhibition, which is very significant since we exchange culture between two peoples. On this occasion, we are pleased to have the presence of such a recognized fashion designer who shows us for the first time the great textile heritage of her country of origin, "said Pérez Guerrero.

Also, the person in charge of the cultural representation of Haiti in Mexico and the "Haiti Chante Caraibe Project", Evans Okan, expressed that through the exposed textiles different elements of the regions of Haiti are reflected, which present a great similarity with elements of the city of Oaxaca.

"It is an opportunity to demonstrate the elements of our country as its flora and fauna, and even images of workers from the regions embodied in the accessories presented here. In the same way, we can see a great similarity with our sister city, " said Evans Okan.

At the end of this inauguration, the person in charge of the cultural representation of Haiti in Mexico, gave a recognition to the Fashion Designer, Muriele Leconte for her wide participation in the activities that will take place in the framework of the intercultural week "I AM THE CARIBBEAN " in the capital.

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