Haiti's textile workers protest for 1.000 gourdes daily minimum wage

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Workers from the textile sector took the streets of the capital on Tuesday for a second consecutive day of mobilization. The protesters marched on the road to the airport, surveying part of Delmas to head to the seat of Parliament. According to Télémaque Pierre, spokesman for "Platfòm sendika izin tekstil-Batay Ouvriye" (Plasit-Bo), through this demonstration, the workers demand an adjustment of the minimum wage to 1000 gourdes. In addition, he says, the protesters also demand the reinstatement of workers "arbitrarily dismissed". "We denounce bosses' intimidation campaigns against factory employees," he says.

Télémaque Pierre did not spare the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Stéphanie Auguste, whom he accused of bias towards the bosses. "The minister has threatened the workers with dismissal if they protest. We showed him that his threats do not scare us. We went out on the streets during these two days, "he said.

In front of the seat of the Parliament protected by a security device, the workers arrested the senators and the deputies, enjoining them to rally to their cause. "They are our representatives. They must vote laws that can improve our living conditions, "says a protester. Telemachus Pierre goes further. According to him, Parliament is the house of the workers. As a result, he concludes, workers have the right to demand from legislators actions in favor of the underprivileged.

A few minutes later, the demonstrators were joined by two opposition MPs, Jean Robert Bossé and Manès Louis, respectively representatives of Aquin and Cabaret. MP Bossé promised to introduce a bill setting the wages of workers to 1000 gourdes from the parliamentary entrance on 11 of June. "At that moment, you have to come and support this proposal en masse before Parliament," he said. In a virulent tone, the elected Aquinas denounced the policies of the government and the attitude of some parliamentarians who, according to him, do not defend the people. He did not spare the Minister of Communication Guyler C. Delva. "The country is bad and it must change. You must mobilize in this direction. Do not be intimidated by a "little wanderer who just got a communication post," he asserts.

The elected Cabaret, Joseph Manes Louis, also promises to support the bill setting the minimum wage to 1000 gourdes. "This bill will eliminate the Higher Council of wages (CSS) that does not work in the interests of workers. It is this CSS that prevents you from getting a decent minimum wage. We must change this CSS, "he says. According to Manes Louis, we must not talk about a minimum wage but a living wage. "Workers must be able to be cared for, to pay for transport, and so on. He said. MP Manes Louis invited the bosses who threaten to move to the Dominican Republic in case of increase in salary to do it right away. "They can leave," he says.

The Industries Association of Haiti denounces

On Twitter, the Association of Industries of Haiti (ADIH) "condemns the acts of violence and aggression that occurred in the Metropolitan Industrial Park on May 21 and 22, which endangered the lives of many workers in the textile sector. In another tweet, the ADIH pointed out that "once again, malicious individuals forced their way into factories and assaulted workers who were working peacefully to force them to join a demonstration." The industry association has published photos showing damaged and broken metal and glass barriers. Another picture shows an arm with a wound. "These criminal attacks, in flagrant violation of the law and the rights of those who want to work, have caused injuries among factory employees, as well as material damage," the association writes. In a final tweet, the ADIH reported the impact of bullets and stones thrown on factories. "It was not just a demonstration," the association concludes. Joined by telephone, the boss of the ADIH, Georges Sassine, did not wish to react on the two days of demonstration. However, he confirmed that the @ADIHNews twitter account is the one of the association he leads.

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