Haiti's Minister of Communication resigned, then retracted his own resignation

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Guy Delva, Minister of Communication in the administration of Jovenel Moise, is one of the many high ranking officials in Haiti still scrambling to save face in front of a population which had just demonstrated its level of dissatisfaction and despair by turning against what they identified as the source of their scourge.

On Tuesday night, as calls for the Prime Minister Jack Guy  Lafontant and his government to resign continue to grow, Guy Delva twitted "The president has an extraordinary vision for this country and it is a great pleasure for me to have had the opportunity to work with him. However, I regret to announce that I will submit my resignation in the coming hours." a few hours later Delva twitted, not his resignation, but " I announced this afternoon that I will resign. President Jovenel Moise called me to ask me to reconsider this decision. And I gave him my consent. So my letter of resignation was not submitted."

Haiti's Private Sector demands the resignation of Prime Minister "without delay"

This bizarre episode is yet another example of the level of miscommunication at the highest level of government. The Minister of Communication, equally responsible for the chaos that erupted in the Haitian Capital over the week end, for not having made enough information available to the public regarding the price surge that would result as the cancellation of subsidies on Petroleum products. In fact the Minister of Communication was trying to give as little atttention to the news of the crushing price hikes by releasing it while Haiti was hypnotized by the world cup fever during the Brazilian- Belgium match. Authorithies miscaculated the response that decision would trigger as Haitians erupted in anger when the news of the price hike started to spread on social media.

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