Haiti listed by US State Department as major money laundering country

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The United Staes of America has named 21 Caribbean countries among a wider global lit of Major Money Laundering Countries of 2016. This list includes among others, Haiti, the Dominican republic, Jamaica. The list was released earlier this week by US State Department in its 2017 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report on Money.

In Haiti, the US says most of the identified money laundering schemes involve significant amounts of US currency held in financial institutions outside of Haiti or non-financial entities in Haiti, such as restaurants and other small businesses. The report points out that a great majority of property confiscations to date have involved significant drug traffickers convicted in the United States. Illicit proceeds are also generated from corruption, embezzlement of government funds, smuggling, counterfeiting, kidnappings for ransom, illegal emigration and associated activities, and tax fraud, The State Department says.

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