Haiti is about to teach the world a very important lesson, as it did in 1804

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There is something that is about to happen in Haiti, which probably has never happened before in another country. Again, the poors and needy of the first black republic are about to teach the world a valuable lesson. A lesson which despite the time difference, is almost identical to the one Haiti has provided in 1804 by defeating slavery.

Haiti, after 30 years since It overthrew a dictatorship is in the midst of yet another revolution. This revolution is about the fraudulent elections and a fake democracy under the hospice of the international community, which has been occupying the country in the form of a UN peacekeeping mission for now a dozen year.

Many, however, described this moment in the history of Haiti rather as a scandal or political and electoral crisis instead of a revolution; because it lacks leadership and a clear vision. I believe the opposite.

The cause of this revolution is the result of what could be considered to be the greatest lie or the most flagrant electoral manipulation never seen before.

5 years ago, Michel Martelly took office as president of Haiti, although he was not qualified for the second round of the presidential election. This is neither a lie nor a secret; The former Special Representative of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Haiti, Ricardo Seitenfus, who oversaw an electoral mission in 2010 published a book explaining how Michel Martelly was chosen as the second candidates by his high level colleagues, although official results showed he had come third.

Pierre Louis Opont (who should be in jail), president of the Provisional Electoral Council in 2010 and again in 2015, also detailed the saga in the media.

The former chairman of the electoral body had publicly admitted that the results of the 2010 elections before being publicized; these results were passed to Cheryl Mills, Chief of Staff of then US State Secretary, Hillary Clinton.

But instead of announcing the two winners, who then would compete in a runoff, Mirlande Manigat and Jude Célestin; Mills announced a completely different result. Opont and the remaining members of the Electoral Council were shocked, but said or did nothing at the time and allowed the fraudulent outcome to rest.

The opposition knew that Haiti Michel Martelly did not have a legitimate mandate, and they blocked all his attempt in parliament and finally succeeded in preventing him from organizing a presidential or legislative election during his 5 years in power. Maybe they would have forgiven Martelly, but the president made the fatal error of installing Pierre Louis Opont, as head the new CEP; Opont, the former president of the CEP in 2010 who had publicly admitted that under his nose and control the international community had flagrantly changed the official results of the previous election.

After the terms of Parliament ended without an agreement with the president to hold elections, Michel Martelly by a decree summoned the Haitian people to the polls.

Following the publication of the first round of presidential elections, placing Jovenel Moise, the candidate supported by the government in the first place, opposition arose to denounce what they considered an "electoral farce."

The majority of the people refused to recognize the results until an electoral verification was set up to investigate all allegations of fraud, which have prevented the completion of the current electoral cycle.

 Unsurprisingly, the international community through its embassies and institutions in the country immediately opposed to the creation of such a commission. After all, this commission not only will discredit the results of 2016, which probably were fraudulent, but also strengthens the non-legitimacy of the entire term of President Michel Martelly, therefore, laying bare how the international community manipulates democracy in the country which it operates and has a huge influence.

But Haiti is an independent nation,  an independence which its citizens are very much aware of having fought and obtained with their own strength. The people of Haiti through the wind and hurricane of threats and pressure of the international community to conclude the election without the installation of a verification commission; took control of the narratives of the crisis, the international community has never been given so much attention through a proverbial magnifying glass by the press, thanks to social media. 

Haitians were able to peacefully supervise the departure of Michel Martelly, set up an interim government, set up a verification commission that will finally investigate all fraudulent practices that actually took place during the last election, and hold accountable the Haitian accomplices. In short, the people of Haiti is about to give the world a legal lesson regarding electoral fraud by some the highest and most powerful institutions, by holding its own officials responsible.

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