Haiti imposes visa restrictions on citizens from Dominican Republic, Cuba, China, Colombia and Panama

Posted by hougansydney.com on Saturday, June 24, 2017 Under: Security
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 All foreigners from the Dominican Republic, Cuba, China (Peking), Colombia and Panama who wish to visit Haiti are from now on required to obtain a visa before their arrival in the territory.

This was informed by the Immigration and Emigration Directorate of the Haitian Ministry of the Interior.

"However, if they are holders of a US, Canadian or Schengen visa, this procedure can be dispensed with," says the note that threatened with sanctions provided by law in the matter to anyone who violates this provision.

The Minister of the Interior, Max Rudolph Saint-Albin, who has approved the note dated April 2017, said that this is a "reminder" and that decision was taken for many years, before the current administration.

"This is a measure related to national security. Order and discipline must prevail at the doors of entry to the country, " said Monchéry, head of the Ministry's directorate with the promise of publishing in the next few days the design on which the Haitian visa will be presented.

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