Haiti faces the possibility of another power vacuum

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Today is April 24, the third official date that had been given 
to organize the second round of presidential elections, then postponed indefinitely by the Haitian authorities. Even worse, the country is now facing the possibility of another power vacuum.

The possibility of another power vacuum in Haiti is real and Haitian political actors must solve this problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, Haiti will likely plunge into an even deeper political crisis; a crisis that we have never seen before. Within four months, it could take two interim presidents to organize an election.

Such a scenario will make the organization of the election impossible in 2016. Haiti now faces a period of transition which may last more than a year.

Privert is unable to organize the second round of the presidential election within 120 days since February 14, according to the agreement that he himself negotiated and signed with Michel Martelly, under the supervision of the mission of special mediation of the OAS. President Privert faces the danger of being removed from office if he loses the support of parliament. He is at the mercy of parliament. Our interim president is hanging on a thread, and w don't know if he will stay or replaced. These are the realities.

Many parliamentarians have made comments like the president had not done enough to organize the election within the term of 120 days; as former President of the Senate, Privert had an amazing influence on his peers and knowledge of political issues of the country, otherwise they would not have voted for him. Privert should have been able to realize that a short period would have been absolutely impossible to organize such a complicated and unprecedented election. 120 days, why not 6 months? Some ask. Others also accuse the interim president to delve into political issues that have nothing to do with the elections, they say that his only interest is to remain in power as long as possible.

Privert is out of the constitutional order, he only exists as interim leader within the context of the legal agreement he signed with the government of Haiti.

When Privert said he had signed an agreement with Michel Martelly and that now Michel Martelly is only a private citizen therefor the agreement is invalid, must be extremely careful with words. Martelly was then the legal head of state of Haiti, and as such, he had the agreement on behalf of the Government of Haiti. Privert had no agreement with a private citizen, but with the Haitian Government, and once his term comes to an end, he becomes obsolete.

Now, in addition to having an electoral crisis to solve, we must now discuss what to do with Jocelerme Privert!

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