Haiti Elections: Laurent Lamothe wants Michel Martelly to intervene so he can participate in the elections.

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Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe wants an intervention by the head of state, Michel Martelly, to allow the participation of former senior officials of the state in the presidential election.

Arguing that the elections will be conducted from a decree, Mr. Lamothe argues that it is possible to issue a decree to all the candidates who do not hold clearance certificates are allowed to participate in elections. We need an election without exclusion, he said arguing that it is for the people to choose its constituents.

In addition to an intervention by the head of state, Mr. Lamothe believes that the electoral advisers can accept applications without clearance certificates. He noted that the presidential candidates of the major political parties are in dispute because of the discharge certificate.

The former head of government was confident that his application will be accepted because it has a court order directing the electoral body to accept his candidature. The CEP is not above the law, he said.

Asked about his motivation as a presidential candidate, Mr. Lamothe explains wanting to continue the work he started. He said arrested by misery and hunger of vulnerable, noting that his government had made social assistance projects for the disadvantaged.

The former Prime Minister says that he is open while admitting that he had not been able to maintain good relations with the leaders of political parties. I was asked not to do politics, conceded Mr. Lamothe who, despite everything, reflects his gratitude to the Head of State Michel Martelly.

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