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In my capacity as current advisor, re-elected by the Senate of the Republic for 10 years in the Superior Court of Auditors and Contentious Administrative  (CSC / CA) and former president of this honorable institution, I live with anger and dismay large practices Current social where all that is judicial or administrative and sometimes technical, unwraps itself in public and delivered to the media's condemnation. I am even more amazed to find that people with the rank of consultants and administrative judges, create with great nonchalance, the scandal without grandeur to satisfy their ego; except that these methods, such as a pharmacist knife, end up hurting its own users; and it is not time that will contradict me!

Despite the duty and discretion incumbent on my high and worthy judge of the CSC / CA, it is important to me today in the name of transparency, guaranteed good governance, to bring a development deal an attempted character assassination aimed at destroying my reputation and undermining my honor and responsibility built by the efforts in the good and the price of hard sacrifices. So I assume the imperious duty to inform the public that the alleged report by RNDDH and relayed in the media about my management during the fiscal year 2012-2013 was inspired by an internal report of the court unsigned and undated, prepared by an anonymous expert and is an indictment of false, baseless accusations.

What is it?

 And various social media networks maliciously misled, broadcast and relayed to the full content of what they call a report of my administration as President of the CSC / CA during the year 2012-2013 which concluded a diversion funds connected with two Haitian firms, America Supplies and, Distribution Services Professional and Decor. Lies! Nothing is more false than such montages!

During a board meeting, the chairman of the CSC / CA. had to bring to the attention of counselors report (?) prepared by some unknown expert on control of equipment and office equipment and computer of the CSC / CA. He then had to explain that this report has been prepared on the basis of an inventory. I, like wise counselor and considering I was not affected recruitment procedures for; expert for the administrative operation had to raise technical concerns of importance stating it would be wise that the Board take contact with providers.

Unfortunately, as the president of the court believed himself above the laws of the Republic and he was sitting, infallible, in an inquisitorial tribunal, judging without appeal and ruling final and last resort, he delivered a verdict in his way, concluding that, according to the expert, there has been corruption and embezzlement. That simple in his eyes!

 March 4, 2015, by a letter in due form (a copy of which was sent to the President of the Senate), I suggested to the President of the Court to file a critical memory of this report apocryphal (undated, unsigned); but to my surprise, it was already over-tract round of public administration and the world, and translated into different languages.

There is not and there can not be any diversion of funds to the CSC / CA! Whether through the transaction with the two Entreprises in question that were already in commercial relations with the Court since 2013, either with other national or foreign companies! Indeed, there was talk of a credit purchase of computer equipment and office furniture equipment for the central office and the various administrative branches of provincial towns. To honor the claim Enterprises said, the Treasury, after one year, issued two checks, one of which 19,575,700 of gourdes and the other 17,924,300 gourdes.

The Court was informed that the equipment was delivered in principle and that the remaining amount was stored at the suppliers', due to lack of physical space of storage at CSC / CA, pending regional deliveries. Witnessing the correspondence sent by suppliers to the President of the Court. This is also the reason why I had solicited the office of the Council to take contact with the suppliers to ensure effective monitoring effect. Unfortunately, this was not done: they preferred the scandal and personal attacks to the truth.

Still believing in the serenity and insight of the institutions of my country, I think the honor and credibility of the Court are put to the test in this case, because of political ambitions that rotten calm and wisdom that each member of the court had to show. 

Anyway, this operation of calumny, vilification, attempted murder of a public course that i built properly for decades, can not achieve its goal.

On this basis, I reaffirm it has not been corruption or funds diverted to the higher Court of Auditors during fiscal 2012-2013 financial year, and in principle and for history, I wanted to make this clarification , while trusting in time for justice.

Port-au-Prince, 31 March 2015.
Me Nonie Mathieu H.

Advisor and judge Elijah the higher Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes (CSC / CA)