Haiti and Dominican Republic established framework for Agricultural cooperation

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Haitian Minister of Agriculture Carmel Beliard, Wednesday in Santo Domingo, met with his Dominican counterpart Angel Estevez, to discuss a bilateral Agricultural cooperation between the two countries.

The meeting was initiated by the Haitian government with the hope of developing a framework of technical cooperation with the dominicans, for the industrial production of rice and vegetables.

Beliard and Estevez, together, for the occasion, toured different areas where rice, strawberies and vegetables are processed.

The Haitian minister of Agriculture stressed that the new administration of President Jovenel Moise is working very hard to reduce food insecurity in Haiti, and has made the revival of the agricultural sector its utmost priority. To this end, President Moise has given priority to the improvement of agricultural infrastructures, the development of the production chains, agro-industrial production chains, national and international cooperation links, cross-cutting of all production and the chain of production at the enterprise level.

The meeting between Beliard and Estevez came amid an ongoing trade wars between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, since the Haitian government has banned some 33 Dominican products rom entering the Haitian market.

Haitian Customs authorities have reinstated the ban on some Dominican products

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