Governor of Mexican state warned that he is out of resources to deal with Haitian migrants

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The Mexican Governor of Baja California, Francisco Vega warned that his state has run out of resources to deal with the unprecedented number of migrants, mostly undocumented Haitians from the United Sates. Shelters that serve to receive migrants deported from the U.S are completely overrun and, given a massive deportation, could not be properly received.

Baja California along with Tijuana are among the Mexican states which receive the largest numbers of migrants who previously entered the US via Mexico. Since Donald Trump has took office, more than 4.000 Haitian migrants were deported back to the state of Baja California alone.

"There are concerns on our part, that a massive repatriation is coming to us and, we are not in a position to receive them (migrants) as we would like." The governor added that " we are very committed in Baja California with these shelters that serve the population of migrants, but they have already been totally exceeded."

Miles de migrantes haitianos serán devueltos a su país.

Governor Vega also said that since last year, his state has seen a surge in the number of African and Haitian migrants who could not cross into the United States and who have remained in the state. " There are many who are already asking for their legal stay in Mexico."

Mexico will soon find itself with no choice but to also start deporting en masse its undocumented migrants as the situation becomes more unsustainable. A situation which will have a greater impact on Haitians, africans and Cubans.

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