Good signs so far on the electoral process in Haiti

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The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) is doing its job. The better. Several points in its schedule deemed "too tight" are already exhausted. Good signs for the elections. After registration of parties and groupings of political parties wishing to participate in the elections, the CEP won the bet to publish the list of those (parties) that are allowed to take part. We know that 105 political entities are approved from 192 registrants. Other political parties have the opportunity to catch the train if they can complete their records within the time fixed by the CEP. This does not please those who believe that the country does not need as many political parties.

 Fortunately or unfortunately we are in a democracy. Everyone has the right to be a candidate for president, senator, MP, ASEC, CASEC ... Nothing prevents a citizen to form his political party and make up to participate in the elections. Moreover, those who promised to make democracy bloom in Haiti are masters in the formation of political parties. At each election, a new party. In their eyes, a plethora of parties and particles on the electoral list is a sign that our democracy is healthy.

Many parties make up for taking part in elections that is not the problem. 10, 30, 60 people are candidates for the presidency, it should also not be a problem to the extent that it is up to the voters to decide. The problem is when citizens do not play their part. When they show no interest in elections and choose to stay home on election day. We are not there yet. There are still many steps to take before you get to vote.

Meanwhile, some citizens are offended that some citizens suspected of mismanagement of public funds, come to register their political party to participate in upcoming electoral contests. They are right in view of what is happening in the Dominican Republic with the businessman and former senator Felix Bautista and Senegal  Karim Wade, son of former President Abdoulaye Wade. Close the parenthesis.

This Thursday, the electoral institution published the results of the evaluation of BED and BEC. The electoral advisers consider necessary to respond to the challenges against members of the BED and BEC North, North East, Artibonite, Grand 'Anse, West and Central. Bad news for the former parliamentarians and political parties that controlled them. However, good news for the credibility of the elections.

The CEP has far some confidence. What to wear all the actors, even the most reluctant to embark on the electoral process. The measures adopted so far by the CEP does not give rise to strong protests. A good sign for the holding of good elections.

Is it too early to believe that 2015 will be different from 2010 and 2006?

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