The Secretary General of the Prime Minister, Hugues Joseph, on behalf of Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant, on Monday set up the General Coordinator of the National Commission for the Fight against Drugs (CONALD), Major Lener Renaud, Replacing Colonel Antoine Atouriste in this post.

The Secretary General of the Office of the Prime Minister stressed the challenges facing the new CONALD General Coordinator and the challenge he faces: the fight against drugs. Indeed, our country must strengthen its action in the fight against drugs, through its republican institutions like the CONALD.

Dr Joseph Hugues pointed out that drugs are a global scourge against which to fight with the utmost firmness and rigor.

While relying on the work of the new coordinator whose seriousness, dynamism and promptness to serve his country he praised, the Secretary General of the Prime Minister congratulated the outgoing General Coordinator, Colonel Antoine Atouriste, on his work for his Integrity and knowledge.

The new coordinator of CONALD is committed to fight against drugs, money laundering and terrorist financing according to the wishes of the President of the Republic, Mr. Jovenel Moïse. To this end, he is determined to work for the institutional strengthening of CONALD, to restore the authority of the State and to combat the dark forces.

To do so, it counts on the collaboration of all the sectors involved in the fight against drugs and especially that of the mass media for the consciousness against drugs.

The outgoing General Coordinator, Colonel Antoine Atouriste, gave a non-exhaustive review of his work at the head of the Conald. These include: the finalization of criminal procedures in the areas of drug control, money laundering, terrorist financing; In the prevention and repression of drug traffickers; The synergy between Conald and PNH, DGI, UCREF, ULCC, BLTS; Strengthening the task force; In bilateral cooperation with the United States, France, Colombia and the Dominican Republic.