Gangs in the slums of Port-au-Prince are heavily armed, warned Secretary of State for Public Security

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Gangs in the slums of Port-au-Prince have a large arsenal in their possession, warned Secretary of State for Public Security Léon Ronsard Saint Cyr, confirming that members of the slum groups of “Village de Dieu, Cité Plus, Bolosse and Grand Ravine” avenues have in their possession heavy weapons of different caliber. “These weapons come from the Dominican Republic and Jamaica,” said the secretary of state during a press conference.

Many of these weapons of war were recently seen on videos posted by alleged members of these groups on social networks. The armed groups of Village de Dieu are at war with the gangs of avenues Bolosse following the assassination of one of their member.

The Secretary of State for Public Safety, however, refuses to consider neighborhoods serving as haunts for gangs as areas of lawlessness. He ensures that police forces will soon control over the entire territory drawing attention to the security system set up near the Cité Plus district.

Two light armored vehicles were deployed to support police officers on site.

Proof that the police have control of the situation Mr. Saint Cyr reveals that 5 wanted bandits have been apprehended in the last 48 hours. They were stopped in downtown Port-au-Prince.

Mr. Saint Cyr admits that it is difficult to prevent arms trafficking on the Dominican Haitian border. This requires significant financial resources, he explains.

A civilian employee of Haiti National Police was shot dead in Port-au-Prince Sunday

Just last Sunday, a civilian employee of the National Police was shot dead by still unknown bandits in downtown Port-au-Prince. Gun fire exchanges could be heard throughout the day.

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