France says it is preoccupied by Haiti post-MINUSTAH

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We need to think, today, Haiti post MINUSTAH, "said Paul Delattre, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the French Republic to the United Nations Security Council last week, when considering the situation of Haiti by the Security Council.

After thanking the Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Haiti of his presentation, Ambassador Régis, Permanent Representative of Haiti to the United Nations, the French diplomat said he had carefully studied the report of the Secretary-General on the work of the MINUSTAH, six months after the renewal of the mandate by the 2180 resolution.

In his 23-page report, Ban Ki Moon had pitched grim picture of the reality in Haiti. He noted that on the eve of elections the country is facing an uncertain situation that could lead to further political unrest. The Secretary General of the United Nations had presented a constantly unstable country.

The Haitian government - through its ambassador, Denis Regis - asks the Security Council to sursoir the process of withdrawal of military contingents of MINUSTAH.

The French diplomat Declares that the Council takes note of the request by the President Martelly to this Council. "It is clear that the situation in Haiti includes risk factors. We will continue to follow with the greatest attention to the evolution of the situation in Haiti. It is our responsibility as a member of this Council and friend of Haiti, "he responded.

However, the French ambassador said he is now important to implement what the Council had decided in October, that is to say the withdrawal of MINUSTAH troops.

In addition, the council does not ignore the security uncertainties. "It is wrong to speak of reduction of MINUSTAH," he says, adding that "it is, a reconfiguration of its posture, depending on the developments. In preparing the upcoming elections, the police will be called upon to take a leadership role and may be based, ultimately, on a military component to the increased mobility ".

If the ambassador welcomed the setting in motion of the electoral process with the election ducalendrier publication, convening the polls and registration of political parties, Mr. Delattre said that much remains to be done, particularly in terms of rights man.

The diplomat recalled that MINUSTAH was deployed in 2004 in the context of acute crisis. Eleven years later, the situation has fortunately changed considerably, and MINUSTAH must adapt to these positive developments, he insists.

The diplomat concluded that "we must indeed go further. In the context of seeking greater efficiency of peacekeeping, we need to think, today, Haiti post MINUSTAH. As such, we are eager to engage with our partners to reflect on the role that the Commission Peacebuilding could play in preparing future UN presence in Haiti. "

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