Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, categorically rejects Senatorial report accusing him of serious corruption crimes

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The report of the Special Senate Committee of Inquiry charged with deepening the investigation carried out by the Grand Corps Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission on the management of PetroCaribe funds, recommending that public action be set in motion against several ministers and Officials against whom the said commission says to hold evidence that can lead them to answer in court raises, as expected, an outcry from all those it incriminates.

Accused of forfeiture, extortion, misappropriation of public funds and subtraction of public funds by this voluminous report of more than 600 pages, Laurent Lamothe, former Prime Minister and Minister of Planning and External Cooperation, said he was willing, via his private secretariat , "To confront the data and review each proven lie referred to in this report. "

In a statement issued Monday, November 13, 2017, "the Secretariat of former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe categorically rejects the hasty general conclusions and abusive extrapolations of the report of the Senate Special Committee to deepen the debate of investigation into the use of PetroCaribe funds, led by Senator Evalière Beauplan.

"While no irrefutable evidence has been advanced to justify the gratuitous allegations contained in this document, the Special Secretariat notes with great astonishment the flippancy with which the commission conducted its work by totally disregarding the principles of ethics and impartiality that should characterize such an approach, " reads in this statement in which the Secretariat of Mr. Lamothe also denounces the fundamentally subjective and particularly detrimental nature of this report senatorial investigation.

Haitian Senatorial Commission recommends corruption and embezzlement charges against two former prime ministers, a string of ministers and managers of private firms

A few hours before this release was made public, Laurent Lamothe had, in one of his tweets, described this report as "truly scandalous" which, according to him, passes from the approximation of the information to its pure invention and simple, from the mistaken appreciation to the characterized "lie". At his second reading of the voluminous document, the former head of government said he found 44 glaring factual errors.

The report argues that the construction of the airport junction viaduct was carried out by the firm LGL S.A. when in fact it was executed by the Dominican firm Estrella. And this is not the last breach in the report. In the pages that follow, the commissioners made a mistake in currency by certifying that the firm Picaso took charge of the rehabilitation of Sance Scott and Burial streets in Ouanaminthe carried out for an amount of 63.7 million US dollars instead of 63.7 millions of gourdes. Further, the commissioners have again erred in foreign currency on the cost of the contract for the construction of the premises of the Corps of intervention and maintenance of order (CIMO).

The construction contract of the Toussaint high school is 8 million US dollars and not $ 4.2 million, rectifies the entourage of Laurent Lamothe. "In the field of construction of road infrastructure, it is the topographic specificities that determine the amount of work to be done and not the average price per kilometer", explains the private secretariat of Laurent Lamothe to the commission which had taken for stallion the rehabilitation of the Freycineau / Saint-Marc - Bigot / Gonaïves road to denounce the over-billing of the rehabilitation works on the Miragoâne / Petite-Rivière-des-Nippes road.

In addition, the private secretariat of Mr. Lamothe is not explained by the fact that the audit of the financial resources generated by the PetroCaribe fund takes into account only 13 resolutions, adopted from September 20, 2008 to January 6, 2016, while choosing deliberately to make no mention of the 14th resolution passed under the Provisional Government of Jocelerme Privert on September 28, 2016 for an amount of $ 33.2 million.

Thus, the particular Secretariat of Laurent Lamothe "condemns with the utmost vehemence the proven manipulation and the slander of the writers of the document who made an effort to build a vast machination whose first objective is to tarnish the reputation of the former senior officials of the 'State involved'. He can not accept the fabrication of "facts", the fabrication of "cases" and the falsification of false allegations with obscure political motives.

The three main charges relayed by the report against former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe have not been subject to any rigorous verification, denounces the statement, thus proving the negligence or even bad faith of the drafters of the document. Under these conditions, the former head of government wonders about the real motives of this exercise which is once again, according to him, a false pretext to force the citizens who served their country in the difficult context of the post-earthquake of 2010 trying to tarnish their image and obscure their achievements.

If he remains inevitably attached to the republican principle of accountability, Laurent Lamothe does not hide his determination to shine the truth in the context of this file presented by the Special Senate Committee of Inquiry which claims legal proceedings against him for a set of offenses provided for and punished by the Haitian Penal Code and the law of 12 March 2014 on the prevention and repression of corruption.

"The commissioners use the 2014 law on the suppression of corruption for contracts signed in 2010, 2011 and 2012", did not fail to report the former Prime Minister Lamothe, which sees again a technical flaw since this law is not retroactive.

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