The International Monetary Fund, IMF threatens not to sign an agreement with Haiti if the country continues to subsidize electricity for the equivalent of almost a third of its national budget.

This information was relayed by the Civil Society Initiative, SAI, who has just published an alarming diagnosis of the situation of the ED'H in his fourth report in the SOCAPP project.

According Rony Desroches, the ED'H knows an annual deficit of $ 300 million due to poor management of the institution but also the absence of legislation adapted to the current reality. He was speaking at the presentation of the report prepared as part of the project called Civil Society and government actions.

With a deficit of $ 300 million per year that the national budget must fill the institution poses a serious threat to the future of the country.

The ED'H is the abyss. The figures are alarming: only 30% of the Haitian population has access to electricity, and the number of those using it currently, only 43% do so in the rules. And when we know that ED'H only bill 42% of these subscribers and only recover 25% of the debt.