Dominican Senator whose assets was frozen in the US for corruption in Haiti, rejects accusations and said Haiti owes him $50 million

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The day after the announcement of several sanctions by the US administration pronounced against him, Dominican Senator Felix Bautista has dismissed the accusations of corruption and embezzlement. In a statement posted on his Instagram account, Senator Bautista, close to former President of the Dominican Republic Leonel Fernandez, made the following statement: "Neither I nor the commercial companies of which I am a shareholder have bank accounts or assets of any kind in the United States. "

The United States has frozen the assets of a Dominican Senator for Corruption in Haiti

The secretary of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), the ruling party in the neighboring republic, then said that his US visa has been revoked since 2015 following accusations against him a year earlier. Information, he said, forwarded by the then Attorney General, Francisco Dominguez Brito, to the US Department of the Treasury and from which, he says, the Trump administration's decision to freeze his assets and those of his business was taken.

In a timely manner, said Bautista, he will provide the competent authorities of the United States with the final decisions made by the judiciary of his country in 2015 in his favor. He has announced that he will appeal against the US Government's sanction against him and will present in a timely manner the evidence and documents proving his innocence.

With regard to the work in Haiti, the senator stated that they were won by tenders in accordance with Haitian laws and also specified that he fulfilled his contractual obligations. At present, it is the Haitian state that owes the unpaid amounts for the work done, "said Felix Bautista, arguing that the Haitian government owes him more than 50 million dollars.

According to him, the $ 14.7 million construction site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of which he has pocketed $ 10 million, for which the United States accuses him, is not over because the Government of Haiti has not not paid the amount agreed in the contract, although he said he used different channels to denounce it. He also said that 22 works were inaugurated out of the 29 that were to be built by his firms after the 2010 earthquake.

Moreover, in a telephone interview with a program in a Dominican media, reports the newspaper Listin Diario, the legislator said Wednesday morning that the accusation against him has nothing to do with the candidacy for the presidency of the head of the PLD, Leonel Fernandez Reyna, of whom he is one of his relatives. "I can not tie that to the US decision," said the senator from the province of San Juan de la Maguana.

He added that he will not abandon the LDP leadership until there is a judgment against him for allegedly "committing" acts of corruption in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. "Until I am convicted, I will remain at the head of the PLD," he added, claiming his innocence.

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