Dominican senate asks for a review of border line with Haiti

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The Dominican Senate asked the Executive to undertake a comprehensive review of the line that marks the border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Therefore, the Committee on Border Affairs chaired by Senator Sonia Mateo said he will report to the favorable resolution of Senator Adriano Sanchez Roa.

The resolution aims to verify full compliance with the Haitian Treaty of 1929 and its Protocol of 1936. Review of the border revision is justified in the recital stating that the uncontrolled increase and the increase in migration flows and trade relations supported between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, caused the irregular occupation of Dominican territory by Haitian citizens.

While in the second resolution, is set to urge the Constitutional President of the Republic, coordination with the Haitian government for compliance with Article 3 of Protocol revising the Haitian-Dominican Border Treaty of 1929 by the construction of the International road together by the two States.

Also in the third resolution, the executive is recommended to provide the Ministry of Defense necessary and sufficient financial resources for the Dominican Republic's army, the Military Cartographic Institute, specialized border security Ground Corps (Cesfront) and Directorate General of Border promotion communities to implement a comprehensive and intensive action plan to ensure the security and border surveillance.

In addition, it recommends contribution to the development of this region, and to comply once and for all in Article 10 of the Constitution of the Republic. Among the senators present at the meeting of the Committee were Juan Orlando Mercedes, Manuel Guichard, Adriano Sanchez Roa and Antonio Cruz.

In : Haiti/Dominican relations 

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