Dominican republic wants free trade with Haiti, while Haitian government continues to ban Dominican products

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The president of the Dominican Federation of Merchants, Iván García, said Thursday that the Dominican Republic is losing more than 1,5 million dollars every day with the ban imposed by Haiti on 38 local products.

Garcia explained that the amount for sales to the Haitian Republic, exceeded two billion dollars annually just two years ago and now has dropped to only $500 million.

He said that Haiti, the Dominican republic's second most important economic partner after the United States, puts an impediment of entry to Dominican products in a whimsical manner, a situation that must be faced by the authorities of both nations.

"These reasons make us think that it is most convenient for us to have a Free Trade Agreement between the two countries," he said.

Meaning that the signing of a Free Trade Agreement with Haiti will make commerce viable on both sides of the island; however a free trade agreement with the Dominican republic is specifically what Haitian authorities do not want to do because of the great economic imbalance between the two neighbors.

While Dominicans exported more that  2$ billion worth of goods to Haiti in 2015, Haiti's export to the Dominican Republic was a mere $51.3 million.

How the Haitian government is cracking down on egg smuggling from Dominican republic

Dominican traders feeling the effects of the ban on many common items such as pasta, eggs, snacks and even cement, have kept the pressure on officials to find a solution to the trade problem with Haiti or find alternative markets. The latter seems more like the viable solution as Haiti's national production continues to strengthen.

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