Dominican Prosecutor announces investigation into "illegal adoptions of Haitian children"

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Dominican Chief Prosecutor of Puerto Montt, Marcello Sambuceti, announced the beginning of an investigation following the complaint filed by the National Service for Minors (Sename) regarding the  "illegal adoptions of Haitian children in Puerto Varas."

The persecutor indicated that steps have been taken in coordination with the the Family Court and with the Human Trafficking Brigade  "with the purpose  safeguarding the well being of the children and verifying if we are facing any crime,"

Sambuceti said that Sename's complaint "relates to the internment, apparently illegal, with respect to children coming from Haiti, and within that context we have prepared investigative proceedings, in order to verify whether we are facing any crime".

He added that "The Family Court was able to warn some situations that could be irregular and within that context an information is made by the National Juvenile Service to the Prosecutor's Office, denouncing a possible crime, and we immediately arranged the first investigative measures on the day of yesterday (Wednesday) and that are already in course ".

The Chief Prosecutor of Puerto Montt made it clear that it is necessary "to determine the precise circumstances by which the children were interned in the country, under what conditions they were handed over to the people who would be caring for them not ruling out any hypothesis within the context of any possible irregular adoption or on the other hand also the illegal internment of migrants ".

Finally, the prosecutor Marcello Sambuceti declined to clarify wether Haitian authorities were involved in the investigation.

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