Dominican Police is looking for a man who was allegedly kidnapped in Haiti

Posted by on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 Under: Haiti/Dominican relations

The Dominican Police reports on Tuesday, April 17, that a Dominican driver had beed kidnapped in Haiti since last week, and that efforts are currently underway to rescue him alive.

The man who is allegedly kidnaped is Kairon Antonio Peralta Arias. His disappearance was formally reported to the Police by his brother Samuel Ramon Munoz last week.

The Police said that the Department of Kidnapping Investigations have met with members of the intelligence, security, customs and migrations agencies in order to locate the whereabouts of the man.

The exact place of Arias is not known for certain, nor is the reason for the alleged kidnapping.

According to the brother, Arias was hired by a woman to drive some religious missionaries to Haiti for 74.000 pesos and has never heard from him since.

Domincan Police has not specified if they are receiving help from their Haitian counterparts.

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