Deputy Vinicio Castillo criticized on Wednesday the agreement of President Danilo Medina with Haitian President Michel Martelly, after considering that the same Dominican Republic pledged Its dignity to bow to the neighboring country.

He said that Medina did not act like the president, but as a politician who represents the interests of a sector.

"He is not a politician and he is the head of the Dominican State, which had to always ensure that image of dignity of the Dominican Republic".

The legislator statements are in response to Medina and Martelly's meeting held Tuesday in Barahona, where leaders agreed to six points in an attempt to strengthen the Dominican-Haitian relations and ending the ban affecting 23 Dominican products that still remains active.

"Haitians understand that the mechanism of trade could be used as an instrument of blackmail to subdue the Dominican Republic," he said.

The deputy added that with the agreement, Medina threatened the sovereignty of the State and offered subjects that are exclusively the interest of the Dominican State.

"As important as it were chickens and eggs, or trade, the vital interests of the nation are higher, such as sovereignty, migration issues and topics that are specific to the Dominican government," he said during an interview at the morning government radio program.