Dominican army seized and thrown out over 3.000 liters of moonshine from Haiti, following alcohol poisoning of more than 30

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In the presence of the Commander in Chief of the Army of the Dominican Republic (ERD), Major General Braulio A. Alcántara López, and the Provincial Governor, Ramona Rodríguez, thousands of liters of alcoholic beverages were seized from commercial facilities and poured onto the streets, accusing these merchants of being in clear violation of the General Health Law No. 42-01.

This clandestine alcohol about three thousand (3,000) liters in total, were seized in the midst of operations carried out in the provinces; Dajabón, Santiago Rodríguez, Mao and Montecristi, led by members of the 4th Army Brigade and the 10th. Battalion, to people and businesses that are engaged in the smuggling of illicit goods in this part of the Dominican-Haitian border.

This large scale operation which will continue in the days and weeks ahead, comes after more than 30 people, last week, in both Haiti and the Dominican Republic, died after consuming a tainted alcohol moonshine type of beverage known as kleren, usually manufactured in Haiti.
According to the words of Alcantara López, by explicit orders of the Minister of Defense Tte. Gral. Rubén Darío Paulino Sem, this type of activities that threaten not only security on the border, but also the health of people, due to the lack of hygiene controls in the manufacture of these beverages, which has caused a large number of deaths due to their consumption.

Authorities continue to exhort the population to stop consuming homemade alcoholic beverages, especially during the holiday season.

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