Domincans are smuggling banned products into Haiti via lake Azuei, shared by both countries

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If with the prohibition of entry by land of 23 Dominican products on  Haitian soil, smuggling is decreasing, for cons, smuggling will increase by sea. Lake Azuei, which covers both countries, became the preferred route for fraudsters to cross some of these products from the Dominican Republic to Haiti. 

This Friday, the activities are stalled on the malpasse/Jimani border.

This is no longer the times when Dominican trailers landed tons of goods of all kinds at the Malpasse border point. Even less Haitians carriers who usually carry goods to Port-au-Prince. Everything is calme. Not far from the premises of the former management of customers, six men plunge into an intense discussion. Alongside them, a dozen empty trucks registered in the Republic of Haiti are parked. These are Haitian carriers, tied, vainly awaiting a Dominican trailers to come, to find work.

But the opportunities never presented. They are very small these days, the Dominican trailers, trucks or containers landing their goods. Before it use to be around 30 to 40 tons landing daily; according to the spokesman of the Haitian transport union.  

Father of family, Casseus Guerma Jean, one of the six workers, did not miss the opportunity to explain that he is stuck down by Unemployment since the da the ban came into effects: October 1 of this year.

Since the entry into force on October, the decision of the State of Haiti on the ban on imports by land from 23 products, heavy equipment for construction, plastic household utensils, cookies… the activities are effectively idle at the border. This Friday, the situation was no different. Apart from the passengers bus (Terra Bus, American Coach Line), the few trailers Dominican across the order are those who carrie goods in transit. These vehicles are not even subject to inspection.

Met in his office in For Parisien, Multidor Frantz, director of customs in Malpasse, explained that the Haitian government had signed an agreement with the international company Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS) which is responsible for inspecting the goods from the Dominican Republic.

The trailers then transport goods for informal Haitian businesses,” he argues, pointing out that the Haitian government has taken all measures to control the border. I addition to the fourteen members of the National Police of Haiti affected at the border, 11 new agents, including agents of CIMO to UDMO ad BOID, are added to the workforce. According to Multidor Frantz, there is not a day when customs officers, supported by Haitian police, not effecting seizures. The latest seizure as made last week when three Haitian trucks carrying sacks of flours were intercepted. These trucks have been noticed at the customs on Ganthier, located 12 km northeast of Port-au-Prince. Nothing happening at the border without being inspected now. We have the means to control the items in and ou, he said adding that the ban is still in effect.

While the government is strengthening control and border control and border security devices to prevent entry by land of some 23 products.

Smugglers use the lake Azuei to cross some of these products to Haiti from the Dominican Republic. The level of smuggling at the lake is increasing at considerable rate every day. The director of customs in Malpasse recognizes that smugglingis intensifying at the lake. Steps must be taken, including the construction of ramps on the lake in order to defeat the fraudsters, he has said. Frantz Multidor calls on authorities to act quickly.

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