The head of Haiti’s electoral commission said Tuesday that the committee would not have an elections timetable until the end of May.

Léopold Berlanger stressed that the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) is focusing on organizing a “good electoral process” but because of the amount of work that is needed to be completed, the group needs more time.

“If we want to organize a good elections, it is necessary to create the conditions to make it happen", said Berlanger, who highlighted the fact that the electoral system requires vast changes and advisers are working on it six days a week, according to local media.

The second round of the country’s presidential election were scheduled for April 24 under a political agreement signed in February by former President Michel Martelly and the leader of the parliament.

The accord includes the inauguration of the new Head of the State on May 14. But earlier this month Berlanger made it clear that elections that have been twice postponed would not be meet the deadline, citing political and financial issues.

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) visited Haiti last week to help the Caribbean country conclude "as soon as possible" the ballot that has been postponed indefinitely.

Luis Almagro discussed with President Jocelerme Privert and others, the remaining steps needed to restore the trust of citizens in the electoral process that has been pending since late last year.

 By Senabri Silvestre