Confirmation hearing of designated Haitian Prime minister, Lafontant, boycotted by lawmakers of his own party

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The confirmation hearing of the designated Haitian Prime minister, Jack Guy Lafontant, which was scheduled for Monday, was boycotted by lawmakers of his own party.

Lafontant, a Doctor by profession, was chosen by President Jovenel Moise last month to head the government; he was initially expected to be confirmed without any problem since the President enjoys a comfortable majority in both chamber of parliament, but lawmakers demanding a power sharing have been reluctant about confirming him. Last Thursday, the president of the Senate, Yourie Latorue, had warned the president that his nominated Prime minister did not yet have the majority needed for him to be confirmed.

Nominated Haitian Prime minister does not yet have majority in Parliament for ratification

Cholzer Chancy, the president of the chamber of deputies, was in fact recommended by his colleagues for the post, however President Jovenel Moise went with Jack Guy Lafontant instead.

Lafontant, needed 16 of 30 Senate votes to be confirmed. Nineteen senators had shown up at the parliament building, but repeatedly delayed the hearing. Then four senators departed, leaving the Senate without a quorum.

The boycotting of the confirmation hearing of the designated Prime minister is another unfortunate setback for Haiti, which just came out of a two-year long political crisis, following the election of Jovenel Moise as president.

No other date has been set up for the senate to reconvene.

If the designation of Jack Guy Lafontant is rejected, President Jovenel Moise will have to start all over with the process of choosing a new prime minister.

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