Climate of growing insecurity clouds over Haitian Capital, Port-au-Prince

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A climate of growing insecurity clouds the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince, after a recent strings of armed robberies and violent murders of policemen and regular citizens, with the most recent being the shocking assassination of a recently graduated, 32 years old female Doctor.

Dominique Viau, sister of Mario Viau, the CEO of one of the most popular Radio/TV stations in the capital Radio Tele Signal, was assassinated Monday in broad day light, in the district of Delmas, with a gun shot in the head by non-identified individuals who fled the horrible crime scene on motorcycles, according to witnesses. 

No arrest has yet been made in regard to the murder of Dr Dominique, but an uptick of  police presence in Delmas and around the capital could be observed following the killing. 

Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant during a joint press conference with the Director General of the Haitian National Police (PNH) on Tuesday, called on the population to remain vigilant and to share information with the Police which is working very hard to dismantle gangs.

The Director General of PNH also stressed the absolute necessity for the population to provide information. Any member of the population may be the victim of a bandit not denounced or of an individual living beyond his means, explained Michel Ange Gédéon, who gave the guarantee that the assassin of Dr Viau would be tracked. The police will be "merciless," he said. "The procedure of these bandits has been identified. They are already arrested by the police. They will be arrested again, " promised Michel Ange Gédéon, who calls for more harmony within the criminal chain to prevent dangerous bandits, pinned, are found in freedom.

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