Chilean police evacuate 50 Haitian immigrants living in a house because of unhygienic conditions

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A joint operation of the Government and the PDI managed to detect a house in Valdivia where almost 50 Haitian citizens were living crowded and in precarious conditions.

The house is located on Avenida Pedro Aguirre Cerda and the advance was made by personnel of the Department of Foreigners of the civil police and personnel of the Interior.

The head of Immigration of the PDI, subprefect Sergio Pradenas, confirmed that in the first instance they managed to prove that the house was inhabited by about 50 foreign citizens, who after carrying out the review were fulfilling the norm to remain in the country.

Pradenas said that after reviewing the property, it was in unhygienic conditions , so the inspections will continue to determine that there are no more citizens living in those circumstances.

Eduardo Vasquez, deputy governor of Valdivia said that after the results of the audit, all the services that participated -Inspection of the - will be gathered to determine the actions that will be taken, in order to make decisions jointly.

Vásquez confirmed that they will initiate actions in order to create a support network for foreigners .

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