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Less than 24 hours after the death of the Chilean peacekeeper of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), a Chilean delegation led by Deputy Defence Minister Mr. Marcos Robledo made a trip to Haiti.

The Haitian authorities have not provided details of the visit. Deputy Defence Minister Mr. Marcos Robledo and the Commander in Chief of the Chilean Army General Humberto Oviedo collected include information on the circumstances of the death of Sergeant Andres Rodrigo Sanhueza Soto Ouanaminte.

According to the UN Mission military convoy on which was the Chilean soldier was shot at by protesters.

Chilean Deputy Minister of Defence and the Commander in Chief of the Chilean Army held talks in the afternoon of Monday, April 13 with the Haitian Prime Minister, Paul Evans. Accompanied by the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Pierre Richard Casimir, the head of government presented its condolences to the Chilean authorities following the death of Sergeant Rodrigo Soto Sangüeza.

The Head of Mission of the UN, Sandra Honoré, asked the Haitian authorities to conduct a thorough investigation "that the author of this heinous act are brought to justice without delay."

Vice Chilean defense minister also addressed the issue of the relationship between the two countries. He reiterated the determination of the Chilean government to support the Haitian government in view of the forthcoming elections to consolidate democracy.