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The President of the Haitian Senate, Youri Latortue, denies rumors about alleged heart attack

Posted by on Friday, December 29, 2017, In : others 
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The Cabinet of the Honorable Senator Youri Latortue  
wants to cut short persistent rumors about the deterioration of the state of health of the elected from Artibonite.

Officially, the Cabinet confirms that Senator Latortue enjoys robust health and still fulfills the many responsibilities inherent in his Presidency of the Senate.

While reiterating his best wishes to the Haitian population in general, Senator Youri Latortue invites everyone to a last momentum of fraternity, love and peace.

Done a...

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Haiti will conduct national census in October 2018

Posted by Lenational on Sunday, December 10, 2017, In : others 
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The Haitian Institute of Statistics and Informatics (IHSI) conducted, on Thursday, December 7, at the Royal Oasis Hotel, the launch of the 5th General Census of Population and Housing (RGPH). According to Danila Altidor, the director general of the IHSI, it will be a special census that will include technological innovations.

Important elements for this census, namely the necessary technical assistance, support for national capacity building, coordination between partners and the management of...

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Haitian movie nominated for best foreign film at the Oscars

Posted by on Friday, November 10, 2017, In : others 
Ayiti Mon Amour

"Ayiti Mon Amour", a film that portrays the duel of this nation after the earthquake, was recently announced as the first film of the Caribbean country that enters the category of best foreign film at the Oscars.

Haiti has been devastated since the 2010 earthquake that left more than 220,000 dead, but a nascent film industry is beginning to emerge from the rubble of its destroyed villages.

In front of the phenomenon is Guetty Felin with "Ayiti Mon Amour", a film that portrays the duel of this ...

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Haitian-American D.C Attorney General is suing Donald Trump for corruption

Posted by on Friday, June 16, 2017, In : others 
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On Monday, it was publicly announced that current Washington, D.C. Attorney General, Haitian-american Karl Racine is leading a lawsuit against the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, alleging that he has violated the U.S. Constitution by illegally profiting off foreign leaders.

Joined in his lawsuit by the Attorney General of Maryland Brian Frosh, the pair is arguing that the decision of Donald Trump to maintain his vast business empire while simultaneously holding the U.S Pr...

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Bus and truck collusion in Haiti leaves 11 dead and 15 wounded

Posted by on Sunday, June 11, 2017, In : others 

A terrible collusion early Sunday morning between a public transport bus and a truck transporting merchants in the town of Cavaillon in southern Haiti, has left at least 11 people dead and 15 injured, according to official data released by the Department of Civil Protection.

The injured were transferred to a local hospital, but no information on their condition has yet been made public.

Mueren once y 15 resultan heridos en choque entre camión y autobús, en Haití

Another traffic accident occurred on Saturday night, this time in the center of the country, in Saut D'eau, w...

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Former Haitian President Rene Preval died of natural causes, according to autopsy report

Posted by AFP on Thursday, May 25, 2017, In : others 
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The autopsy, carried out in Haiti and the United States, on the body of former Haitian president René Préval, who died on March 3 at 74, concludes a natural death, said Wednesday the government commissioner of Port- au-Prince. "The results of the autopsy suggest that this is a chronic disease that caused the death of President René Préval: there is no violence, there are no traces of" Poisoning so there is no one to prosecute, " said Clamé-Ocnam Daméus, the government commissioner (equi...

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President Moise salutes work of Haitian journalists on World Press Freedom Day

Posted by on Thursday, May 4, 2017, In : others 
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President Jovenel Moise, welcomes the commitment of women and men journalists and press workers to Haiti on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, May 3, 2017.

Moise took advantage of this special day to" renew his commitment to creating a stable and serene climate likely to favor the good functioning of the fourth power which he also calls on to always show professionalism and probity in the exercise of Its noble mission." According to a statement published by the office of the President.


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Head of Haiti's Ministry of Education fired after his naked pictures were leaked on social media

Posted by Lenouvelliste on Thursday, April 6, 2017, In : others 

This is the amazing fact of the weekend. The naked photos at least of the photographs that illustrate the faithful physiognomy of the DG of the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training, Louis Mary Cador, feed controversial reflections. The conspiracy theory is evoked by the person concerned. Deeply shocked and stunned by the publication on social networks of his intimate images, he denounces all the machination and manipulation behind these degrading images that aim to "destroy ...

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Breaking News: Major ongoing fire destroying historical structures in Cap-Haitian

Posted by on Wednesday, March 22, 2017, In : others 

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A major fire incident is currently destroying many colonial houses and other historic buildings in Cap Haitian, Haiti's second largest city. The fire occurred in the historic quarter Downtwon of the city in Rue6J.

The fire is still ongoing and its cause as well as the number of possible victims are not yet known.  Also, there are no firefighters present at this time, citizens are the ones doing their best to put out the raging flames.

This is the third fire incide...

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President of Haitian Senate, Yourie Latortue paid moving respect to Rene Preval

Posted by Haitilibre on Sunday, March 5, 2017, In : others 
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"I bow, with respect, to the departure of President René Préval for the Eternal. y sincere sympathies to his biological and political family."

"It is with these remarks that a few minutes after receiving the news of the death of the former President René Préval, I saluted the departure of this 'Mapou' of contemporary Haitian politics. This unexpected departure deeply shook me and collectively anxiously frightened all the Constituted Fathers gathered and retained throughout the weekend for ...

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Haiti's President-elect doesn't want his inauguration to cost over $1 million

Posted by on Thursday, January 26, 2017, In : others 
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Haiti's President-elect, Jovenel Moise, recommended that the spending for his official inauguration on February, 7th, 2017, does not exceed $1 million. 

Spokesman of the President-elect's transition team, Lucien Jura, speaking to local media, says that the future president wanted his inauguration to be relatively smaller in price compare to that of many of his predecessors, such as Rene Preval's in 2005 for $4 million, and $2 million for Michel Martelly's in 2010.

Lucien assured that despite th...

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7 years after catastrophic earthquake, Haiti remembers

Posted by on Friday, January 13, 2017, In : others 
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Yesterday, in a somber atmosphere, as the country is still reeling from hurricane Matthew last October, Haiti marked the 7th anniversary of the devastating January 2010 earthquake, that had destroyed much of the capital city Port-au-Prince, killed over 200.000 thousands, rendered an equal number of injured and made homeless some 1.5 millions. 

January 12th has since been declared a "national day of reflection and awareness on the vulnerability of Haiti to risks and disasters."

Haiti's interim P...

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American Airlines releases statement regarding death of passenger on NY to Haiti flight

Posted by on Wednesday, October 26, 2016, In : others 
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American Airlines has released a statement regarding the recent death of a passenger aboard its flight from New York to Haiti on Sunday.

Today, in response to an email sent by us to American Airlines on Tuesday, requesting confirmation that pilots alerted the tower in Port-au-Prince about the distress or death of the passenger on their flight and whether Ms Eliassaint received aid from flight attendant(s) or was she not discovered dead until the plane landed;  American Airlines Corporate Direc...

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Haiti and the Dominican Repulic shaken by a 4.6 earthquake

Posted by on Sunday, January 3, 2016, In : others 

A strong magnitude 4.6 earthquake generated a great panic in several cities in northern Haiti, including Cap Haitian, where many frightened people fled their homes.

The earthquake was also felt in the town of Juana Mendez (Haiti) and Santiago in the Dominican Republic.

There are so far no reports of casualties or damages, but the violent shaking caused panic in the population.

A woman was injured when she fell to the ground in a desperate attempt to get out of a place.

"Suddenly I felt a very str...

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Little by little, Islam builts its nest in Haiti

Posted by Lenational on Friday, December 11, 2015, In : others 

Between voodoo and Christianity, no people are as religious as Haitians. Now today, Islam, the religion of the Muslims, widespread in the Arab world and Europe, continues to grow silently on the island of Haiti and without the recognition of state authorities.

An hour strikes. One after another, the faithful arrive on the court peacefully. Men, point beard, wearing tunics. Some under any outfit. Veiled women, covered to the feet. Children too.

Thus we recognize that Muslims are all over the wo...

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The growing and strong movement against mining in Haiti is underestimated

Posted by on Wednesday, November 18, 2015, In : others 
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Elsie Florestan integrates Tet Kole peasant organization Ti Peyizan (small farmers) in the community of Machabyèl Lembe in the northern region of Haiti that is part of some 4000 km2, equivalent to 15% of the 
Haïtian territory leased to foreign companies for exploration and mining.

Experts say that the reserves of gold, silver and copper are worth 20 billion US dollars; Florestan is poor, has 11 children and lives in a house with large gaps in Machabyèl. But he is convinced that mining of co...

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Haitian man sentenced to pay $7,000 for disrupting American Airlines flight

Posted by AP on Monday, March 30, 2015, In : others 
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American Airlines

A Haitian man who forced a flight to be diverted after reacting angrily to a seat being reclined in front of him was ordered to pay more than $7,000 by a US court on Friday.

The case was part of a series of three incidents dubbed the legroom wars, which unfolded over a nine-day period in August and September when passengers lost their temper over reclining seats, forcing US passenger planes to divert.

Edmond Alexandre, 60, a resident of Paris, pleaded guilty to interference wit...

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Opinions: Do Haitian authorities bear responsibility for the carnival accident ?

Posted by Sydney Noel on Thursday, February 19, 2015, In : others 
The horrible accident that happened during the second day of Haiti's famed National carnival, leaving 16 dead and another 78 injured, forcing the Haitian government to cancel the last day of the festivities and to hold a peaceful, silent march in honor of the victims instead.

But what is different about this accident than the many horrific ones, with greater body counts than this one? 
For the first time since Haiti's been holding a National Carnival, has it been cancelled due to an accident or...

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Michaelle Jean officially installed as OIF General Secretary

Posted by on Tuesday, January 6, 2015, In : others 
Michael Jean Elected Secretary General of Organization of Francophone States

The Haitian-born Canadian Michaelle Jean, first woman and first non African at the head of the International Organization of Francophone states (OIF), has officially  been installed Monday as general secretary, announced the OIF. The ceremony took place at the OIF headquarters in Paris, where her predecessor Abdou Diouf officiallly stepped down after more than 10 years.

Michael Jean was designated last November as general secretary by the head of states and of government of the OIF members dur...

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Haitian journalist fired after reporting sexual abuse and harassment by National radio and TV director

Posted by on Wednesday, December 24, 2014, In : others 

Seven employees of Haiti's National Radio and Television (RTNH), including two journalists has denounced in an open letter to the Minister of Women Conditions, acts of repeated sexual harassment from the head of the institution, on November 28th 2014. 
In the flaming letter, they accused the director of " using his status of general director to persecute, humiliate and make into a thing all or nearly all women working at the RTNH who have refused to have sexual relations with him. 
Following th...

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