Breaking News: Three Haitians in Chile died asphyxiated by carbon monoxide

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The PDI Homicide Brigade of Chile is investigating the death of three people of Haitian nationality who were found dead  in an address of the Santa Gertrudis , in the Coelemu, Ñuble Region . 

The fatal victims are a couple who shared a house on Pedro Aguirre Cerda street and who lit coal in a brazier to warm up the house due to cold temperature during the night.

A woman, who managed to survive and alerted the owner of the property, found the three bodies without life on a bed: 2 men and a woman. Apparently they would have died by inhalation of carbon monoxide. 

" This was like at 08:30 in the morning, the one  that was still alive told my wife about signs that something was happening inside and we went to see... " said Froilán Aguayo, owner of the property which the Haitian citizens rented .

The Police commissioner Luis Garrido, head of the Chilean Homicide Brigade , explained that "there is an investigation to determine, with the statements of the people, to know about the circumstances ."

"The concrete thing is that they would have died from this carbon monoxide poisoning, which should be determined in a legal medical examination by the proper autopsy," he added.

The PDI is registering the residents of the sector to gather information and obtain the identification of the victims, since they did not carry documentation at the time of the discovery.

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