Breaking News: Jocelerme Privert selected as interim President of Haiti

Posted by on Sunday, February 14, 2016 Under: Elections

The parliament of Haiti today met in National Assembly to elect an interim president.

The meeting was supposed to take place at 11:00 AM, but did not start until 4 PM since most members were not present at the time; leading many to speculate that the vote was about to be boycotted.

After some 7 hours of intense debate, a vote was finally set up to choose the interim president from the three candidates who were selected: Jocelerme Privert, Edgard Leblanc Fils and Dejean Bélizaire

Jocelerme Privert received 13 votes in the Senate and Leblanc 10; and in the Lower House Privert received 45 votes and Leblanc 46. One member abstained. Dejean has not received any vote from neither the Senate nor the House of Deputies.

As a president could not be elected right away, a second round was set up.

If the two chambers did not vote separately Jocelerme Privert would have been elected president in the first round with 58 votes against 56 for Edgard Leblanc Fils.

Privert, 62, a Senator and current President of the National Assembly, was chosen on the second ballot, after the long session that stretched the night from Saturday to Sunday.

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