Breaking News: Haitian President will soon reveal his next Prime Minister, following the resignation of Lafontant in the middle of a crisis

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The name of Haiti’s next Prime Minister will be known later today, according to Gary Bodeau, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, whom confirmed the news during an interview with the local Radio Metropole on Friday.

Haiti has been without a Prime Minister for nearly three weeks, following the resignation of Jack Guy Lafontant, on June 14, in the middle of a crisis which started after his government decided to end fuel subsidies causing costs to rise by more than 50%. Violent protests, riots and looting broke out  in response, mainly in the capital Port-au-Prince, forcing the government to reverse the decision a day later and ultimately resulting in the resignation of Jack Guy Lafontant as Prime Minister.

Breaking News: Haiti's Prime Minister resigns in the middle of crisis

The choice of a new head of government comes after many discussions initiated by President Jovenel Moise with different sectors of the Haitian population, including with the President of the Senate, Joseph Lambert, as well as with Gary Bodeau. “The name of the new head of government will be unveiled as required by the Haitian constitution," said Bodeau, the President of the Chamber of Deputies. However, he said that he is still not aware of the choice that the Head of State would have made.

It should also be noted that President Jovenel Moise did recently announce that the name of his pick for the Prime ministership would be revealed this week. President Moise has also invited the Presidents of both chambers of Parliament to a special meeting Saturday, at 11:00 AM local time, at the National Palace.

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