Breaking News: Haiti's Prime Minister Evans Paul resigned

Posted by on Tuesday, February 2, 2016 Under: Haiti's Political Crisis

Late last night, the Prime Minister of Haiti Evans Paul has sent his resignation letter to Michel Martelly.

His resignation came after intense negotiations between Martelly and President of the Haitian Senate Jocelerme Privert, to facilitate the formation of a transitional government that will take over on February 7, the constitutional date for President Martelly to step down.
Today, Tuesday, February 2 the National Assembly and the Senate will appoint a new prime minister to head the transitional government, and who will take office on February 4. The new prime minister will have the difficult task of organizing the second round of the disputed presidential elections.

"This government will be responsible for promoting stability and create a climate conducive to the continuation of the electoral process ultimately in providing the country with a new legitimate president, democratically elected" has declared Senate President on Magic radio waves 9

Senate President also assured that the current Haitian president "is fully prepared from February 7, coincident with the end of his term. "

Please see updated version of this article. Evans Paul remains the Prime Minister of Haiti

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