Breaking News: Haiti has stopped buying oil products from Venezuela, due to US sanctions

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The last import of oil products from Venezuela dates back at least October 2017. Since then, it is on the spot market that Haiti is feeding. The financial sanctions imposed on Venezuela make financial transactions difficult, if not impossible, told the newspaper the Minister of Economy and Finance, Jude Alix Patrick Solomon, Monday, January 8, 2018. "We can not pay because the BRH(Bank of the Republic of Haiti) can not complete the transactions, "he continued, stressing "the constraints of trading in US dollars with Venezuela. "The penalty is much wider. Even European banks are sticking to sanction. It is difficult in this case for Venezuela to deliver and even if we received for us to pay, "said Jude Alix Patrick Solomon. Asked about the future of the PetroCaribe program, the grand financier said the decision belonged to the two sovereign states, Haiti and Venezuela.

"I do not have this right or responsibility, let alone this mission to declare the entry or exit of the agreement. It's something sovereign between two states, "said Jude Alix Patrick Solomon. "The agreement may not be able to be applied as it is.  We are also seeing that we must meet the consumption needs of Haitian customers, "he said, noting that" in this context, as a state, we makes decisions by trying to comply with international decisions. "

"It is clear that we are not in this favorable situation where the flow was positive. We have not been in this comfortable situation for some time. It is recognized. We also recognize that we have to develop alternatives. We are developing viable and constructive alternatives for the country in the long term. We are thinking about all these options, "said Minister of Economy and Finance Jude Alix Patrick Salomon. Asked that Haiti is more exposed to fluctuations in the spot market, the minister said that all sorts of solutions were considered.

"One of the solutions would be to make orders less short-sighted. We are considering options, "said Jude Alix Patrick Solomon.

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