The civil court has sentenced Jacmel Haiti National Police (PNH) to pay 400,000 gourdes to the plaintiff as damages in the case between the journalist Jeremiah Gerdy two policemen Alex Céus alias Arly and Daniel Erickson John, who had brutally assaulted her.

Whereas since January, the verdict was rendered, this Thursday, February 5, 2015, by Monique Jean, the judge in the civil court office in Jacmel in the absence of both police and the civil party learns AlterPresse.

In November 2014, the plaintiff had made a request of one million gourdes (US $ 1.00 = 47.00 gourdes; 1 euro = 65.00 gourdes today) in damages to the victim.

In this case, several associations, journalists and people of Jacmel brought their solidarity with the assaulted journalist.

This is the first ruling of its kind in Haiti, where Police officers are usually viewed as above the law, by the common people. Cases of Police abuses are usually not bought before the courts too corrupt to handle these cases.

This ruling is a significant step towards the strengthening of Haiti justice system.

Gerdy Jeremiah, aged 29, corresponding to AlterPresse and member of the newsroom of Radio TV Express in Jacmel (Southeast), was brutally attacked on Monday, 10 November 2014, by the two national police officers, Alex Céus alias Arly Jean and Daniel Erickson, while covering as part of a journalist, a Protestant motorcyclists protest against the rising price of license plates.