Breaking News: Brazil announces that it will grant humanitarian visas to Haitian immigrants

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The Brazilian government announced today that it will give priority treatment to Haitians who intend to live in Brazil, to whom it will be made "the granting of a visa and authorization for the granting of a permit." of temporary residence for humanitarian reception purposes ".

As disclosed by the Brazilian Foreign Ministry, the visa will be issued exclusively by the Brazilian Embassy in Port-au-Prince, capital of Haiti, and will allow the citizens of the Caribbean country to live in Brazil for a period of two years, after which they will be able to receive a permit from residence for an indefinite period. The same rules apply to stateless people living in Haiti. Tens of thousands of Dominicans with Haitian ancestries, were stripped off of their citizenship by a Dominican court ruling in 2013, going as far back as 1929. These people, most of them with no connection to Haiti at all and don't even speak creole nor french were deported to Haiti.

As defined by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), stateless persons are persons who do not have their nationality recognized by any country, which may occur as a result of discrimination against minorities imposed by national legislation, failure to recognize all residents of a country as citizens when that becomes independent or conflicts of laws between countries.

The decision regulates the temporary visa for humanitarian refuge, a mechanism described in the Migration Law, which came into effect last year. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil declared that new rules "could be published opportunely in the future to address specific situations".

The authorities also said that the measure will allow the continuation of Brazil's humanitarian policy in Haiti, which includes more than 60,000 visas granted since 2012, in an attempt to continue contributing to the reconstruction process in that country.  

The announcement of the Brazilian government to resume the granting of humanitarian visas to Haitians under the same priority following the earthquake, comes one day after the 
Chilean President, Sebastien Piñera, signed new immigration measures to curtail Haitian immigration by requiring them to obtain a visa to enter Chile. 

Breaking News: Chilean President signed law requiring Haitian citizens to obtain a visa to enter Chile

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