Breaking News: At least 20 electrocuted and 40 seriously injured during Haiti's second day carnival

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A horrible accident during the second day of the national carnival in Haiti has left at least 20 dead and over 40 seriously injured.

One of the musical floats hit a high voltage electrical cord, near the MUPANAH museum.
15 of the victims died instantly, the others died at the Haiti's State University Hospital which is also caring for the 40 critically injure.

The lead singer of the popular creole rap group Barikad Crew known by his stage name Fantom is in critical conditions, witness says that he was hit directly by the snapped electrical cord. Dr Max St Albin who is caring for the singer denies rumor that he was already dead, while confirming that he his doing much better now.

Haiti's national carnival usually attracts crowds in the tens of thousands from all across Haiti and abroad, and this year was no different. The famous American basket ball players Chris Bosch and Dwayne Wayde and his wife attended the famous Haitian carnival festivities.

"This is a tragedy" says  David Germain, 27 a witness " Carnival is usually a time where we Haitian forget about socials classes, money, disagreements, politics and come together to celebrate, to have a good time, but this is just a tragedy.

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