Argentina makes $50.000 in support of Haiti elections

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The Government of Argentina contributed $ 50,000 to support the electoral process under way in Haiti during a ceremony today to support the Haitian people in the democratic consolidation and stabilization of the country. 
The contribution financial to the electoral background in Haiti confirms the commitment of Argentina to support the stabilization process in Haiti. 

It takes place five days after the penultimate round of voting. Nearly six million Haitians are entitled to elect a new president and 139 parliamentarians, 1,280 local and 140 local government officials. It is also the third time in history that the Haitian democratically elect a president, following the completion of two presidential terms of five years. "We are grateful for the contribution of our Argentine colleagues," Denis Regis Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Haiti to the United Nations. "I recognize that both countries are going through a process of choice now and this is of crucial importance for our societies." "Every contribution, every gesture towards supporting these elections is crucial for the consolidation of peace and democracy in Haiti are invaluable.

We are honored and happy to be contributing to this process, "said Maria Cristina Perceval, Ambassador María Perceval, Permanent Representative of Argentina to the United Nations, during the ceremony in the office of the Mission to the United Nations . The first round of presidential elections held on October 25, with the second round of legislative and municipal elections. If no candidate has an absolute majority of votes in the first round (over 50 percent), a second round of presidential elections with local elections will take place on December 27.

 The most complex electoral cycle in Haiti's history is filled with the democratic system of the 50th Legislative Assembly on January 11 and the inauguration of a new president on February 7, 2016. "By supporting maintenance operations UN Peace and this new commitment to the electoral process in Haiti, Argentina shows the importance of commitment to regional peace and sustainability in Haiti, "said Susan McDade, Deputy Assistant Administrator and Deputy Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean UNDP, which at the request of Haiti's electoral basket fund manages and provides technical support to the country's electoral body (CEP). 

Following a meeting of international partners, July 16, at UN headquarters in New York, financing allies pledged an additional $ 10.5 million for Haitian elections. The Government of Haiti not only remains the biggest contributor, with recent additional contribution of 300 million Haitian gourdes (about $ 5.7 million), but has also ensured that the third round of the elections of 2015 will be financed in full.

Other governments are contributing Brazil, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Norway, the United States and the European Union. Together with other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, Argentina has been a key partner for Haiti. The South American country has 67 military officers and staff of a hospital in Port au Prince, also contributing 16 police officers. Argentina recently withdrew about 500 officers who were part of the UN Mission for Stabilization in Haiti (MINUSTAH), which is part of an extensive military downsizing in general this year. The Security Council recently extended the mandate of the mission for another year.

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