An official residence for the Senate's President: 7.2 million gourdes paid by the Senate

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An official residence for the Senate Speaker at Thomassin 25, costing 7.2 million gourdes annually, is the news that ignites social networks this week. In the face of this highly criticized decision in a country where the majority of the population is languishing in misery, the Senate Speaker, Joseph Lambert, tries to wash himself, but unveils other holes in which the authorities pour the money of the Haitian taxpayer.

It is a dispute, described as pre-electoral by some, between the elected officials of the South-East which pushed the senators Ricard Pierre and Joseph Lambert to tear each other on the public square and to suddenly sell the wick to the population. Accused by Senator Lambert in a case of misappropriation of a generator for his department when quaestor of the Senate, Senator Ricard Pierre retaliated by wanting to dirty in his turn the Senate Speaker, Joseph Lambert, his great rival in the South East. According to Ricard Pierre, Joseph Lambert has just paid the rent of an official residence for the tidy sum of 8 million gourdes for a year. These millions are taken from the pocket of the Haitian citizen through the Senate budget.

On Monday, July 16, 2018, Senate Speaker Joseph Lambert summons accredited journalists to Parliament and explains that the story of a Senate paying an official residence for its President is indeed real and poses no problem because " the Republic pays an official residence for the head of state, an official residence for the prime minister, even the chief of police has an official residence, why not one for the president of the National Assembly, the second personage of the Republic, question of prestige? ", Justified Joseph Lambert by reading the minutes of the Conference of Presidents Monday, March 5, 2018.

This idea came from Artibonite's Carl Murat Cantave who, in a conference of presidents on Monday, March 5, had proposed that the Senate of the Republic pay an official residence for its president. With the minutes of the Conference of Presidents in hand as evidence, the Senate Speaker underlines that the proposal of Carl Murat Cantave was validated by Senators "Denis Cadeau, Onondieu Louis, Nawoon Marcellus, Carl Murat Cantave, Jean Renel Sénatus , Ronald Lareche, Dieudonne Luma Etienne, Richard Lenine Herve Fourcand, Jacques Sauveur Jean, Yurt Latortue, Gracia Delva, Jean Rigaud Belizaire, Jean Marie Ralph Fethiere, Kedlaire Augustin, Saurel Jacinthe and Joseph Lambert. According to Joseph Lambert, these senators unanimously "approved and instructed the office for the necessary follow-up".

WIKILEAKS: Joseph Lambert, President of Haitian Senate, elected last night, was listed by US in 2006 for Drug trafficking

In this quest for grandiloquence for the Speaker of the National Assembly, the Speaker of the Upper House reports that Senator Carl Murat Cantave even proposed that the Senate Speaker have his own procession involving "vanguard and rearguard and be preceded by two motorcycles mounted by police officers in uniform. This other procession of more in the city, Joseph Lambert dismissed it by highlighting the criticisms that it would have caused.

If the procession is dismissed in the lot of privileges because of criticism, the official residence, it is not apt to attract the bad languages, for the time that it remains secret course. Thus, the Senate Speaker found a house for his official residence. The price? 7,280,000 gourdes a year.

However, the decision to grant an official residence to the Senate Speaker becomes more and more embarrassing for the men of the seaside who hasten to explain themselves to a population already very up against the Parliament, perceived as a place of wasting money of the people. Since the outbreak of this scandal, the president of the Grand Corps has become a real off-road, moving from media to media to try to convince citizens. After an interview on Magic 9, Tuesday, and a press conference in the afternoon of the same Tuesday, the one who calls himself the political animal was this Wednesday morning on Radio Vision 2000.

At the microphone of Valery Numa, the senator has indeed resumed what he said in a press conference the day before and has made relevant relativisations proving that Parliament is not the only one to breach the "State's cash register."

For example, Joseph Lambert reveals that the residence occupied by Mario Andrésol when he was director general of the PNH cost the Haitian State about 8,000 US dollars each month. That of Andrésol's successor, Godson Aurélus, was slashing the public fund by US $ 7,500 a month and that the state is currently paying US $ 5 to US $ 6,000 each month to house police chief Michelangelo Gédéon. the president of the Senate: 7.2 million gourdes.    

In this procession of benefits to the chiefs of the country, each minister receives $ 5,000 US monthly for a second residence. Senators are also entitled to this second residence and it costs 250,000 gourdes for each of the 29 senators each month.

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