All members of Haiti's old Army are part of New Army's reserve, reminded Lieutenant General

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" Port-au-Prince,  April 10, 2018

                                            Press Note

The Commander of Hait’s Armed Forces, is informing all demobilized military that since the November 17, 2017 decree reconstituting the army, they all are part of the reserve personnel, according to article 4.2 bis which regulates the military.

In this Personnel are found:

1-Officers and enrollee with pension
2-Officers and reformed enrollee
3- Officers and available enrollee

In this condition, demobilized military must watch a lot the way they’re acting. With that, there won’t be any difficulties for them to return to work when the army will need them, in accordance with the rules of the military as prescribed by article 4.98 and 4.1033.

Jodel Lessage
Lieutenant General"

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