Breaking News: All members of Haiti's Electoral Council threaten to resign if independent commision is put in place

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Following the news of the possibility of setting up an electoral guarantee commission, all the electoral advisers are threatening to resign en masse if it encroaches on their work.

Reached by telephone, electoral councilor Paul Marie Carmelle Austin has proved unfavorable to the creation of this commission.

Indeed, Marie Carmelle, the representative for the education sector within the Provisional Electoral Council questions the structure and the true mission of this possible commision, arguing that the electoral council had done its job and that "no other entity can substitute for the CEP."

From the very beginning of the allegations of "massive fraud" The President of the electoral body, Pierre Louis Opont, has been rejecting the demand of the population, the candidates, the human rights groups, the catholic clergy, the coalition of protestants as well as associations of numerous Haitian-American organisations, for an independent verification of the ballots, arguing that the Haitian Constitution did not provide such alternatives.

But Opont and all the members of the CEP know that they, individually or together as an entity, does not have the legal authority to either set up nor refuse the appointment of an independent commission. The CEP's only role, at least according to the Haitian Constitution is to organize and oversee elections in the country. The Electoral Tribunal still auditioning the events of dispute, is the only institution, in the absence of Parliament, which has been dismantled over endless gridlock with President Martelly; with the legal authority to order and/or set up an independent commission for the verification of all the ballots even if such remedy is not prescribed in the constitution, as the court has shown when it asserted its independence from the executive branch and the CEP by upholding the request of Maryse Narcisse the candidate under the banner of Fanmi Lavalas' party, to conduct a stringently, non-biding audit at the tabulation center.

The aforementioned audit, was conducted on November 21 and 22 in the presence of electoral advisers, judges from the Electoral Tribunal, domestic observers, technician from the tabulation centre as well as representatives from the PHTK, the party which supposedly had won the first round of the presidential election.

All the ballots that were randomly chosen and analyzed had significant fraudulent irregularities. The president of the CEP simply ordered that these ballots be thrown out, continuing with the process without further analysis.

Today, Jude Céléstin the candidate whom allegedly came in second place has joined the G8, a coalition of opposition parties, and they remain united in their call for an investigation into the electoral fraud that marred the first round of presidential elections. Jude Céléstin says that he will not participate in the second run if an independent commission is not set up.

The final results of the parliamentary elections could be published this week. And regarding the second round of presidential elections, the date of 27 December is always maintained, according to the counselor.

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