A pastor and bishop in Haiti are charged with rape

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Pastor Amel Lafleur and Bishop Michaël Jean Lissaint of the Church of God independent of the narrow door, located at Delmas 19, are in the crosshairs of justice. Accused of kidnapping and misappropriation of minor followed by sexual assault on a teenager of this church, they are referred to the criminal court sitting without assistance of a jury to be judged according to the law, according to an order signed by the investigating judge in charge of the case, Jeudilien Fanfan.

Placed under the care of the pastor following the agreement of her parents on the grounds that she is possessed, the girl asserted, during her interrogation at the investigating office, that she was raped by Pastor Amel Lafleur on the very evening of her arrival. "The pastor had several sexual intercourse with me and removed my virginity. Then he took me to Bishop Michaël Jean Lissaint, who himself had sexual intercourse with me three times during the seven months spent in his home, " she said, saying that she told the story to her mother. These alleged aggressors asked her not to believe her stories because she is possessed by a demonic spirit.

A witness, questioned in the context of this case, acknowledged the placement of the young teenager at the bishop's house. He confirmed that the victim still had her hands and feet tied. "One day, while attending a worship service on a Sunday afternoon, I heard the sister scream, saying, "  You left pastor Amel Lafleur rape with Michael Jean Lissaint, they beat me, they made me suffer."

 To conceal what happened, continues the witness, the pastor struck a Bible on the girl's head with words "devil, devil, satan I chase you. Go to hell".

Wanting to settle this matter amicably, the pastor Amel Lafleur intended to pay 250,000 gourdes to repair the damage caused to the victim, according to the report of the teenager.  A sum that the cabinet Noé Morancy said to have never received, reports the order of the magistrate. For his part, the pastor claimed to have contacted Morency to treat the file to regain his peace of mind.  " I just wanted to have a peace of mind. These are poor people. They needed help, so I gave them 250.000 gourdes. ", we read in the  court ordinance.

However, confronted with the victim at the investigating office, the accused deny en bloc the charges laid against them. With regard to the charge for kidnapping, Michaël Jean Lissaint rejected this accusation. According to him, we can not speak of sequestration since the victim was entrusted to his care under a legal document. With respect to the rape, he mentioned the lack of evidence adding that it was in court that he heard that word. 

After questioning everyone involved in the case, Judge Jeudilien Fanfan ruled that Pastor Amel Lafleur and Bishop Michaël Jean Lissaint should be followed for misappropriation of a minor and sexual assault. According to the order, there are enough concordant clues to establish their guilt. As a result, the investigating judge refers them to the criminal court sitting without the assistance of a jury to be tried in accordance with Article 300 of the Criminal Code.

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