214 years Independence Commemoration: Haitian President urges "elites and political actors" to bear responsibility for the country's" bankruptcy and failure"

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The President of the Republic, His Excellency Mr. Jovenel Moïse, accompanied by his wife, the First Lady, Martine Moïse, and the Prime Minister, Dr. Jack Guy Lafontant, commemorated, 1st January, in Gonaïves, the 214 years of Haiti's independence. The commemoration ceremony was organized in four (4) great moments: the laying of a wreath at the foot of the monuments on the Gonaïves' Place d'armes, the Te Deum at the Cathedral of Remembrance, the Military Parade and the great patriotic gathering.

A morning of celebration held in the presence of many state authorities, ministers, directors general and parliamentarians, the Presidents of the National Assembly and the lower house, respectively the Honorable Yuri Latortue and Cholzer Chancy, the President of the Higher Council of Judiciary, Me Jules Cantave, the Acting Commander-in-Chief of the Haitian Armed Forces, former FADH colonel, Jodel Lesage; the Director General of the Haitian National Police Michelangelo Gideon; representatives of civil society, clergy and various diplomatic and consular missions in Haiti, including the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Eugene Martin Nugent.

In his remarks of circumstance, the President of the Republic hailed the gesture of the heroes of the national independence and questioned the attitude of the Haitians (faces) to the inheritance that these ancestors bequeathed to them. He believes the time has come for the sons of this country to wonder what they have done with this heritage and what they want to do with it.

The President also believes that the ancestors have traced the road, opened the door and gave Haitians the key to growth and development: the values ​​of union, justice, generosity and solidarity. And that today, the time has come to put aside what they have amassed in bad times of division, and to say yes to the need for change so much desired by the Haitian people.

"Freedom and independence have been the dream of our ancestors. They are the glue that gave them the strength and courage to bring the fight to a close. It is thanks to their sacrifices that we have today become a people. They had agreed to fight for the world to be free today. These ancestors raised a big challenge. They joined together to fight against slavery and colonization. Thanks to their sacrifices and their courage, Haiti raises to the world the flag of emancipation, the right for all, men, women and children, to live as human beings, the right of all the peoples of the earth to dispose of themselves, with respect, order and peace. "

Said President Moise who took advantage of this date to once again recall that unity, courage, solidarity and mutual aid are the values ​​preached by the ancestors, when they bequeathed this inheritance, Haiti, the motherland, symbol of freedom and good of humanity.

"Any people, for whatever reason, can linger on the road, but never get lost. For the Haitian people, with its courage, its strength of resistance, when there is failure, bankruptcy, it is us, the elite of the country, the leaders and the political leaders who must bear the responsibility, " hammered the President Jovenel Moïse, recalling that the time for change has come, that the system that has left Haitians, throughout history, in exclusion, corruption and impunity, the system that also generates misery, exploitation and underdevelopment, that this system has completed.

Jovenel Moise promises during his five (5) years of mandate to work to change the living conditions of the people, by satisfying their social, political, economic and cultural concerns.

"We are ready to take institutional measures, political measures, which are in line with the consolidation of democracy. Thus, we will work for the protection of the environment, the increase and diversification of national production, the fight against corruption and the reduction of social inequalities, with a view to an emerging Haiti socially and economically, to the horizon of 2030, " concluded the President, while adding the need for Haitians from here and elsewhere to renew the oath of our ancestors: "Strength through Unity", in favor of economic growth, development, political and social stability, political pluralism and the strengthening of sustainable democracy, in order, peace and fraternity.

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