2 arrests made in connection to the assassination of Jean Bertrand Aristide's former security chief

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Police and justice have been held in check Tuesday before the local party Pitit Desalin in Delmas 33, while attempting to arrest three suspects in connection with the investigation into the murder of Oriel Jean.

Activists from this platform are interposed to prevent security forces to execute the warrant in their possession against at least one member of this party headquarters Pitit Desalin.

Note that two other people also suspected, as part of the investigation into the murder of Oriel Jean, were arrested outside the offices of the platform in Delmas 33.

Oriel Jean, former security chief of the National Palace under the chairmanship of Jean Bertrand Aristide, was shot dead on Monday, March 2 by individuals on a motorcycle on Delmas highway.

Jean was pointed in the file of the murder of Jean Dominique. His revelations in the context of this case allowed the courts to tighten the noose around some figures close to former President Jean Bertrand Aristide.

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