10 alleged gang members killed during clash with the police in populous neighborhood of Martissant

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Police authorities revealed information on the operations carried out to dismantle armed gangs in the densely populated neighborhoods of Martissant. West Departmental Police Director Berson Soljour reports that the investigation strategy has been chosen to avoid the huge collateral damage that would have been caused by operations with elite units.

The hunt for criminals in Grand Ravine and other neighborhoods such as Cité de Dieu resulted in the deaths of 10 gang members. They are bandits who were killed in clashes with the police, says Mr. Soljour.

The operation called Cocourouge launched on April 12, 2018 also allowed the arrest of 20 individuals, members of these gangs. The commissioner explained that these criminals were involved in robberies against bank customers. Two of them are also involved in flights to Cap Haitien.

The criminals had put in place a complex system to identify customers of banks making large withdrawals. One of them had in his possession a fake ID card from the Ministry of the Interior, said Soljour explaining that this false document allowed him to have access to information.

The operation resulted in the seizure of 4 firearms, 5 cars and 3 motorcycles.

Investigations will continue with a view to apprehending the leader of the village gang of God known as Arnel. Police authorities claim that a prison escapee is terrorizing the citizens of this populous neighborhood. One of Arnel's right arm, known as Zorey's speudo, is among the bandits killed in clashes.

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